Call for Papers

Journal of Educational Research and Development Call for Papers

Jun. 08, 2022 Passed by the Editorial Meeting

The Journal of Educational Research and Development is an academic journal about education issued by the National Academy for Educational Research. It focuses on research and development (R&D) related issues in the field of education. It also promotes domestic and foreign educational academic research and exchanges. The methods for calls for papers and reviews shall be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index (TSSCI) database of the Research Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences from the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Journal welcomes paper submission.

 1.     Call for papers:

(1)   This journal is a quarterly journal. Paper submissions are welcome throughout the year. It is published in March, June, September, and December of each year. The scope of focus in the original papers includes “Teacher Training and Teacher Professional Development,” “Curriculum and Teaching,” “Educational Policy and System” (including educational administration, school administration, and others.), “educational psychology, counseling and evaluation” (including educational statistics). From January 1, 2023 onward, the Journal will only publish papers with topics in the above four educational areas related to theoretical innovation, innovative policy, and creative practices. Through a collection of research on educational theories and practices and analysis on educational issues, the Journal is expected to serve as an important reference for the National Academy for Educational Research.

(2)    Starting from Volume 16, Issue 1, 2020, a new “Research Trends Review” column has been added. The editorial board of this journal can invite scholars and experts from various fields to discuss important issues in the four major fields of this journal and conclude the research trends of these issues through literature review or scientific methods. The goal is to lead different sectors of society in further exploring ways of doing things.

(3)   All manuscripts are reviewed upon arrival. In principle, the editorial department will complete the review procedure within five months after receiving the manuscript and inform the author of whether the article will be published.

2.      Notes for Submission

(1)    Please type your paper on a computer. Both Chinese and English texts are welcome. The length of the manuscript written in Chinese should be within 15,000 words in principle, with a maximum of 20,000 words (including Chinese and English abstracts, footnotes, bibliography, appendices, charts, etc.) A paper that passes review and is revised should not exceed 22,000 words. The Chinese abstract should not exceed 500 words and the English abstract should not exceed 300 words. Please list at least 3 to 5 keywords in both Chinese and English. If written in English, please do not exceed 12,000 words.