Trends and Issues in Pluralistic Educational Reform

Wang Chia-Tung

所屬期刊: 第1卷第2期 「教育政策與制度」
教育學院 秦夢群院長
系統編號: vol002_01
主題: 教育政策與制度
出版年份: 2005
作者: 王家通
作者(英文): Wang Chia-Tung
論文名稱: 多元化教育改革趨勢與問題
論文名稱(英文): Trends and Issues in Pluralistic Educational Reform
語文別: 中文
論文頁數: 18
中文關鍵字: 師資培育;大學入學制度;教科書;多元化;教育改革
英文關鍵字: Teacher training; Universities’ entrance systems; Textbook; Pluralism; Education reform
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投稿日期: 2005/08/12
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摘要(中文): 本文的主要目的在於討論我國近年在多元化社會思潮下所做的幾個教育改革趨勢與問題。
摘要(英文): The main purpose of this article lies in discussing several educational reform Trends and issues done under the social ideological trend of the pluralism in
recent years of our country. There is an obvious trend in the educational reform of our country in recent years, it is the pluralism , or call it lighten restrictions . This kind of pluralism or lighten restrictions is fundamentally a post-modern thinking, which want to correct the systems of modern society including education system, with the method of more elasticity, it is too more institutionalized or even rigid unreasonable. But the post-modern can not replace modern ,it can only revise modern . On the system, we can only revise their too rigid parts, but cant totally discard the system. But while we revising the too rigid system, what extent we can do and how to revise will not make the original system lose arbitrarily, it is important to paying attention. Otherwise will probably producing the confused phenomenon. But there are a lot of these kinds of phenomenon in educational reform in recent years of our country; the result produced a lot of confused phenomenon. This article is on both the base of the pluralism and rationality, to review and discuss the open system of teacher training, the plural university entrance system and the opening of textbook publishing system in our country. According to the results of analysis and discuss, we can find out: First, it may be logically problematic in Teacher Training Law, so cause the contradiction, unreasonable between clauses, or although have but the clause is unable to carry out. Second, because plural entrance scheme is adopted unitedly, and there are one hundred choices for student to choose the university they hope to enter, so just as joint admission system, it lacks of pluralism, the result may cause the array of the level of the universities, and sharpen the competition of entering to higher school. Third, the confusion after the open of textbook publishing in middle and primary schools, is due to the unclear of the course outline , so we need to make it clearer if we hope to resolve the problem, but not like Ministry of Education it published by oneself one set of textbook.
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